What is ACT?

We’re an advocacy group for Alamedans.

Remember when City Council and Sun-Cal wanted to build 5,000 houses at Alameda Point, when City Council wanted to privatize and develop Crab Cove instead of making it part of the park lands, when Ron Cowan and City Council tried to trade the Mif Albright Golf Course for 89 expensive, market-priced houses? ACT was there for all of these.

We led the fight for Crab Cove and against Sun-Cal. We joined with others on the Mif Albright golf course fight. We supported fair rent control and full funding for public art. We stand for community involvement and fiscal responsibility. We believe in effective and transparent government.

We presently support: honest, professional, independent, traffic mitigation studies and plans that will address the gridlock and congestion that already exists and is getting worse; we support building more affordable housing and raising the minimum percentage of affordable housing in each new development from the current 15% to 30%.

We presently: oppose building a hotel on Bay Farm Island that blocks the views and access to the tidelands; oppose the elimination of highly-sought, well-paying jobs at the Alameda Marina; oppose the leasing of public Tidelands at Encinal Terminals for private profit.

We’re a city-wide and neighborhood citizens task force. As such we watch, analyze, comment, and act. Our goal is a better, more locally responsive, safer, fairer, fiscally sound and prudent Alameda. We would like to have you join us!

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