How to write to City officials

To write to officials of the City of Alameda, send to each person individually. The email addresses are always the person’s . The city’s security system will ask you to verify yourself before it will let your letter go through the first time.

City Council        (Trish Spencer,Mayor)            (Malia Vella, Vice Mayor)   (Frank Matarrese, Council Member)     (Marilyn Ezzy Ashcraft, Council Member)                   (Jim Oddie, Council Member)

Planning Board               David Burton                Kristoffer Koster               Lorre Zuppan              Sandy Sullivan                John Knox White             David Mitchell                  Ron Curtis

City Manager               Jill Keimach


Letters to the Alameda Sun and Alameda Journal are good – the council, planning board and city staff all read these in the papers as does many citizens of Alameda.               Alameda Sun (Dennis Evanosky) Alameda Journal (Jon Kawamoto)