Enjoy and Support the New Alameda Community Sailing Center (ACSC)

ACSC Mission Statement:

“To provide opportunities to participate in sailing and other environmentally friendly activities on San Francisco Bay through access and education.”

Our Long Range Vision:
San Francisco Bay is a treasure.  It is a huge park and the entire thing is open to the public.  But as it turns out, access to this “park” is somewhat limited.  For far too many people, the closest they get to the water is while driving across a bridge.  Some walk or run along the edge, or bike-ride on the Bay Trail.  But just seeing the Bay is not nearly as rewarding as being on the Bay, to sense its movement, to feel it as it breathes.

It is the goal of the Alameda Community Sailing Center to provide a major access point to the Bay, and to educate people to safely use boats so they can get out on the water.

Our mission statement uses the words “access and education.”  It is our intent to make the waters of San Francisco Bay accessibleto everyone, and provide the education needed for safe use of the equipment, which will lead to an enjoyable on-the-water experience; an experience that will want to be repeated over and over again.

From our proposed location on the southwest shore of Alameda, part of the old Naval Air Station, we will have direct access to some of the best waters of the Bay, where the winds are much less ferocious than those of the Central Bay.

Please see more information at the ACSC link:  http://www.sailalameda.org/ACSC/

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