Errata and Supplement to 4/14 Letter to City Council-April

Dear Mayor Ashcraft, Vice Mayor Vella and Council Members Knox-White, Spencer Herrera, and Daysog:
The third paragraph of the Fair Housing discussion in our letter to you of April 14 erroneously states that the city inclusionary ordinance requires 11% of a housing project to provide housing for the lower income categories. The ordinance requires 8% (4% for very low and 4% for low-income categories).  The density bonus projects provide a somewhat larger percentage to qualify for the bonus.
In the fourth paragraph of the Fair Housing discussion, we comment on the TCAC/HCD Resource Map at Appendix D, page 6 of the April draft of the Housing Element.  We add that the map demonstrates that the sites proposed in the HE land inventory are located throughout the city including many in areas of highest, high and moderate resources or bordering on the same. This supports our view that no upzoning of the R-2 to R-6 zoning districts is required to meet the HCD fair housing standards.
Paul Foreman
Authorized Board Member of Alameda Citizens Task Force. 
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