Member meeting, May 2016: Alameda Marina

May 18, 2016

Speakers on their Visions for the Alameda Marina

Frank Matarrese, Alameda’s Vice Mayor, and

Nancy Hird, representing SAWW (Save Alameda’s Working Waterfront)

How can we help Frank accomplish his goals:

  • In MX-zoned sites, commercial activity should be maintained and grown
  • For Alameda Marina, the maritime industrial activity should be maintained to meet the ready market.
  • Any housing at MX-zoned sites should be such to adapt to the commercial/ industrial environment (not the other way around).
  • If no commercial activity is present at the MX-zoned site at the time of the application, the developer has to provide details on what commercial uses they are going to deliver

How can we support the efforts of SAWW:

  • Preserving the 84 established businesses and 240 existing jobs
  • Protecting the 22 Historic Buildings
  • Contribute positively to Traffic Mitigation along the Clement Corridor
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